About My Trip

Do I need to tip at an all-inclusive resort?

Most resorts include tips/gratuities as part of the all-inclusive package. With that being said, a dollar or two will go a long way! If you get good service, we recommend giving a tip. Some resorts have a no-tipping policy, so please ask your Vacation Planner if you are unsure.

Is there a dress code at all-inclusive resorts for restaurants?

Some restaurants at your all-inclusive resorts may require more dressy attire such as slacks and collared shirts for men and summer dresses for women. Closed-toe shoes may also be required for men. Some restaurants do require reservations. For more details, check the resort website or inquire with your Vacation Planner.

How do I get to my resort?

Transportation to and from your resort is included with your all-inclusive vacation package unless otherwise noted by your Vacation Planner. About one month prior to your departure, you will receive instructions on the process of finding your transfer company in destination.

Can I use my cell phone outside the United States?

Depending on your cell phone service provider, some offer plans for international use. Please contact your provider for more details. Some resorts offer wifi on property and many smartphones will allow you to communicate via wifi.

How much cash should I bring with me and do I need to exchange my money?

Many all-inclusive resorts are cashless and you charge everything to your room and then pay at the end of the trip. Most resorts require a credit card when you check in, so if you don’t have one, we strongly recommend that you get one before your trip. You don’t need to get local currency to shop in some countries. The US dollar is accepted at most stores and craft markets within the Caribbean and Mexico. Sometimes you do get a better deal when dealing in local currency.  When traveling abroad to destinations such as Europe you will need to exchange your money for the local currency in most cases.

Do resorts have safes in the rooms?

Yes, many resorts will have a safe in your room to keep your money, jewelry, and passports safe. Don’t bring anything expensive or anything you can’t easily replace, just in case.

How many bags can I bring with me on my trip and what are the restrictions?

Each airline is different so please visit the airline’s website for more details. Try and limit your carry-on to two pieces. Airlines are very strict about this as well as size restrictions. Most airlines charge for checked bags. Few airlines also charge for carry-on’s and this changes often so please visit your operating airlines website for more details on this.

Check www.tsa.gov for current carry-on restrictions with medications and liquids – the restrictions on liquids and gels changes often. If you have a medical device you may need to present information from your doctor.

Should I pack my own bug spray and sunscreen or will my resort provide that?

Typically resorts will not provide this for you so its best to bring yours along. Some resorts will sell them at a high cost. Please wear sunscreen and re-apply every few hours as the sun is very strong. A bad burn can ruin your trip.

Do I have to clear customs/immigration when I arrive to my destination?

Yes, for any destination outside the United States you will. After you get off the airplane, you will go through immigration. You will receive a form either on the airplane from your flight attendant or upon arrival at your destination. It’s good to bring a pen with you to fill out the forms. After clearing immigration, you will get your checked luggage and then will go through customs.

How do I get my airplane tickets?

Unless otherwise noted by your Vacation Planner, your airplane tickets are electronic. Most airlines allow you to check-in for your flight via your airlines website using the airline confirmation number. Or you can obtain the airplane tickets at the airport the day of your departure.

Do I need a passport for my vacation?

All destinations outside the United States will require each traveler to carry a valid passport. Most destinations require your passport to be valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates.

For more information on passports, visit https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports.html.

Do I need travel insurance?

Let’s face it, you never know what can happen. Having travel insurance gives you the peace of mind that you have coverage for unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Your Vacation Planner will help offer the right plan for your investment.